A Treasury of 'A'ishah: A Guidance from the Beloved of the Beloved: 7 (Treasury in Islamic Thought and Civilization, 7)

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A Treasury of 'A'ishah: A Guidance from the Beloved of the Beloved: 7 (Treasury in Islamic Thought and Civilization, 7)

A Treasury of 'A'ishah: A Guidance from the Beloved of the Beloved: 7 (Treasury in Islamic Thought and Civilization, 7)

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The hard work Sofia Rehman has put into the beautiful and relatable interpretation of the Hadiths is outstanding. Aishah is considered to be one of the greatest scholars, providing insights into the Prophet's actions. Her book based on this thesis is entitled, Gendering the Hadith Tradition: Recentering the Authority of Aisha, Mother of the Believers (Oxford University Press). There was an unsubstantiated underlying accusation of misogyny towards some of the male companions, and Abu Hurayra (ra) is presented as someone questionable who can’t be trusted, casting a shadow on the character of the most prolific hadith narrator.

As we say in Arabic, "البلاغة في الإيجاز" (the art of eloquent brevity), Rehman masterfully achieves this throughout the diverse sections. However, all of the above are fairly mild and we were able to catch them simply due to our book club's extensive prior readings of both Rehman and other authors she cites. I remember wishing I had an extra hour on the train to reflect on everything I read and how it can apply to my life. I love how Dr Rehman has divided the book into the different areas in which Aishah RA made contributions, such as aqeedah, tafseer, Hadith, and heart softeners. Sofia Rehman sheds light on the significance of our lived experiences as Muslim women in relation to how we understand and practice our faith, and each chapter is engaging and beautifully written.With each anecdote illustrating Aishah's exemplary conduct, Rehman first presents the primary source, delving then into an elaborate exploration of how Aishah's wisdom and compassion enriched the underlying subject matter. Whether derived from her learnings with the revered Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) or those unattributed to him, witnessing Aishah's heartfelt selection and the reasons behind it was truly moving.

There is so much about Aisha (RA) that I did not know despite reading about her life over the years. Hailed as a guiding light, a fount of wisdom and a purveyor of the Prophetic mission, Aisha’s words have illuminated Islamic thought in all its branches. A collection of ahadith narrated by Aishah (ra) and reflections thereon, this easy read touches on how A'ishah's narrating of ahadith reflected her intellect, her wisdom, and her love for Allah. Sofia notably points out A’ishah’s tendency to “safeguard against an excessive attitude towards religious rights and rituals, which, if one becomes too prescriptive in regarding, can become a distraction from the spiritual activity at hand.A Treasury of ‘A’ishah” by Sofia Rehman is no less than a treasure when it comes to literature on the Beloved wife of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). From lessons on humility to anger management, the scope of the Hadith transmitted by ‘A’ishah is vast, while the language they are communicated and discussed in is colloquial and relatable. I love that the book also addresses a modern-day Muslim readership, with phrases like “throwing shade” and discussions on the dangers of the clout-chasing, “snap-caption-post-repeat” lifestyle that focuses so much on “filtering” life at the risk of neglecting the states of our hearts. A Treasury of Aishah is destined to become a cornerstone in every Muslim household's library, making it a highly recommended treasure to be shared with friends and family.

I particularly enjoyed reading ‘A’ishah’s correction of a hadith pertaining to the purification “ghusl” shower. It gives you a very clear understanding about Aisha (may Allah be please with her) and the important role she played at a time where men dominated society.This book compiles 40 of her insights and statements in the categories of Qur'anic exegesis (tafsir), Jurisprudence (Fiqh), Theology ('aqidah), Politics (siyasah) and Heart Softeners (al-raqa'iq) with commentary for the contemporary Muslim seeking spiritual and moral direction as they traverse through daily life and its challenges and possibilities. Divided into six chapters, this book pays homage to Aishah's profound impact on various facets of Islamic teachings and historical narratives. Mernissi also attacks Abu Hurayra and by extension the science of hadith, and has said in her work “even the authentic Hadith must be vigilantly examined with a magnifying glass. bint Abu Bakr (RA) has been an inspiration and paragon for Muslims since the first generation of Believers emerged.

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