Freedom Is a Constant Struggle : Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement

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Freedom Is a Constant Struggle : Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement

Freedom Is a Constant Struggle : Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement

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Over the last two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the fault lines of inequality that run deep throughout the world. In these newly collected essays, interviews and speeches, world-renowned activist and scholar Angela Y. The speeches she gives are honestly the better part of this book, not only for the theoretical connections Davis makes but because it gives insight into her speech patterns. Whether you've grown up with the courage and conscience of Angela Davis, or are discovering her for the first time, Freedom Is a Constant Struggle is a small book that will be a huge help in daily life and action, from exposing the "prison industrial complex" that she named long ago to understanding that leaders are only leaders if they empower others.

The most important take away I have is change has always been propelled by collective action,which includes many more people than will ever be mentioned in our history books.She also says that feminism must involve a consciousness of capitalism, post-coloniolism, racism and a much broader understanding of gender and sexuality. Some salient takeaways I walked away with included: the drawbacks of individualism and the strength of collective movements for social justice, the necessity of taking a global perspective on issues of equity and justice, and how we can opt into oppressive systems even if we hold marginalized identities (e. I admire her lifelong commitment to these causes, I can't imagine where she finds the emotional energy to persist.

And it would be fine, if you were in person, hearing it and experiencing it for the first time, perhaps, or maybe even several times, if you had been a longtime follower of her work and familiar with her. For example, Angela is clearly passionate about prison abolition, so instead of repeating her similar points, it would have been better to go more in depth about it. In these newly collected essays, interviews, and speeches, world-renowned activist and scholar Angela Y. Racism is extant not necessarily because of individual actors but because it is so deeply ingrained in the system. My biggest takeaways were learning about what G4S is, how much the US is financially supporting Israel every day, how Israeli military practices have literally been used as training for the militarization of the US police department, and thinking in new ways about how to deconstruct the myths of capitalism and the very real effects it has on our day to day lives.I know VERY little about them beyond basic info one would see on the news, but after listening to Davis relate them to the movements here, it's easy to see how it's all the same fight. We cannot assume that the worst is over just because white people are no longer burning crosses or screaming the n-word. She shows that previous generations not only can "catch up with the times", but can also move several leaps forward. She focuses on the importance of Black Lives Matter and Black feminism, while emphasizing the importance of connecting white supremacy within the United States to other forms of state violence and oppression throughout the world. Understanding what it takes to really be free, to have no fear, is the first and most important step one has to make before undertaking this journey.

Is it simply a factor of a formula that there are only so many hours in a day, so many days in Black History month, or could there be other philosophies in play? Although the book cites and specifies many important things we should start considering, understanding, and realizing, the speeches provided were repetitive.Adding "Selected Works" to the title might have helped, signifying that more reading (or background) on the subjects may be necessary. I think that, as far as content, the ideas and concepts and arguments and connections she presented on the various topics in these talks, it was brilliant. From this complex history, Andrews shows how the civil rights movement built innovative organizations and campaigns that empowered local leadership and had a lasting legacy in Mississippi and beyond. Although there were a lot of disappointments with the presidency of Barack Obama we would NOT have been better off with Romney in the White House.

For example, Davis mentions that Palestinians tweeted Ferguson activists advice about tear gas 4 times or that she was on the FBI wanted list 5 times. So there is this connection between the US military and the Israeli military … the militarisation of the police in the US, or police forces all over the country has been accomplished in part with the aid of Israeli government. I would have given this book a five stars but the second half of the book pulls from different speeches Angela Davis has given over the past couple of years. Freedom Is A Constant Struggle is an extremely urgent and timely text and one that I would highly recommend to seasoned and new readers.It equipped me with a language that I previously did not possess and enabled me to see the world in a much more connective way, fundamentally changing me as a person. I read this over a period of two days but I think it would be better to read an interview or essay a week as it becomes repetitive after a while if you read them all at once.

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