Coty L'Aimant Creamy Skin Parfum - 15 ml

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Coty L'Aimant Creamy Skin Parfum - 15 ml

Coty L'Aimant Creamy Skin Parfum - 15 ml

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I also experienced a strange shock of memory as I realized that my mother had a bottle of this - not only a small oval-shaped bottle (probably from the 60s or so,) but it was part of a three perfume set from Coty that also included Emeraude and L'Origan.

Most fragrances I wear I prefer to be "fresh," or, as the maker intended them (to be worn around the time when they were made. Yes, the other day over dinner at their house, Tony whipped out a pink cloth bag containing a purse spray, plus two other tiny miniature perfumes, and announced: "Here you go - there are more where they came from, and I'll fetch the rest when I am up at the house next. Yes, my recent windfall has definitely piqued my curiosity in vintage scents, and I await with interest to see what Tony comes back with from his next decluttering session at the family home. L'Aimant is very much like Topaze by Avon (which I wear and love) and I suppose similar to Chanel No. The tea roses are nearing the end of the season, after last week's rain they are near fermenting in this fervour.It is a very lovely scent: smooth, powdery, elegant, with just the right amount of fruit (I do detest fruity scents BUT I do adore fruity notes in many scents if well balanced and not overdosed) and with an excellent lasting power. To me the first 30 or so minutes of L'Aimant actually smells so much like the original Nivea cream in the blue tin that I'm surprised no one else seems to mention that. When in costume and in character as a person who lived through the 50's and before that, it is so helpful in establishing character and mood. Generally the Coty perfumes, to my nose, really are worth looking out for as vintages because they had a certain something back in the day that's changed considerably since. Then again, my father used aftershave balm, and that seemed pretty similar in format, so I let the question rest.

It has a full-bodied but indeterminate floral bouqet, a slightly powdery quality and a soft, wistful aspect, which leads me to conclude that it shares minimal genetic material with the wan yet spiky carnation concoction that is L'Air du Temps today. The longevity is about the same but on my skin L'Aimant becomes dusty and old lady ish after like about an hour. Its a classic vintage scent-slightly sweet, slightly powdery, slightly floral, elegant and feminine. In any event, I'm actually not a true vintage hunter, and our colleague Sergey is the real expert on vintages. I think L'Aimant is more similar to Baghari than to Chanel N°5 sharing with Baghari the same joyful feeling.I fell for the powdery sweet initial scent but I kept getting this unpleasant waft that reminded me of something I couldn't quite place. However, I will say that the little glass jar of Avon Scented Creme that I was given (either empty or nearly) still smelled very strongly of the original scent, if a bit 'off'. Rather than launching countless insignificant watery confections, Coty should revive this historical compositions as lovely memory of François Coty. The skin softeners I LOVE, but they have no comparison with that vintage creme, strong and vibrant as it was! Coty L'Aimant is the scent of tenacity and unwavering love to her children, to me, to her grandchildren and to everyone lucky enough to have her in their lives.

If at any time you would like to opt out from marketing, you can visit the Privacy Preferences page and select the relevant options. She will be a teenager soon enough and I hope L'Aimant keeps all of my daughters snuggling me for as long as possible, especially the 11-year-old baby of the house who has always been an aloof tomboy. I'm not a vintage fragrance collector; this review is for the recent iteration in the wide cut glass bottle. Smelling L'Aimant after all these years (translation from French equals "Magnet") I am brought back to that early bottle that my mother had, although I don't know if I can trust my memory here.This is a scent from 1993, now discontinued, and appears to have become a bit of cult fragrance on Makeupalley. I can not speak to its lasting value because other people seem to still smell it on my long after I don't smell it on myself anymore. An inexpensive yet beautifully blended retro fragrance to take you back in time to those summer days and nights. I have the sleek, elongated bottle with pink label around its neck (same as the one pictured on this page) and am unaware whether this is different from the other newer versions.

Bourjois Soir de Paris - cute (and by the looks of it rather old) mini, sadly inaccessible due to the neck being bunged up with sticky and impenetrable black gunk. The differences are indeed minimal and one has to be actively looking for them, well on my skin anyway they are very close. Someone i know used to wear this (possibly my great grandma) and I hated it then too, which is a shame. The flowers soften up the citruses and aldehydes and turn into a much warmer musk toward the dry down stage.And here we all are to hear who it was - if that old bat Madam Coty still has it in her to figure out the murderess in our whodunnit - for surely it was a female, poison after all is the woman's weapon. I do think most people would get an "old lady" or dated impression from this but if you appreciate vintage scents you'll probably enjoy this. The other week I reported about my fragrant 'estate windfall', whereby I was the lucky recipient of a couple of vintage perfumes my friend found while clearing out his parents' house after his father died.

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